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How it works?

Step 1

Prepare photos of your beloved pet

PetReplika process: step 1 photos
PetReplika process: step 2 3d modeling

Step 2

Based on your photos, we’ll create digital 3d model

Step 3

We will produce modeled figurine and then our artists will paint it

PetReplika process: step 3 hand-painting
PetReplika process: step 4 packet

Step 4

We’ll send your parcel with your replica

Step 5

Send us photos of your replica in order to boast to the whole world and GET 5% OFF the next order for yourself or for your friend!

Pet Replika

Memorial memento and unique, sentimential gift

When your beloved pet is already in better world…

…bring him back – send us his memorial photos

how to take photos for petreplika

How to take photos?!

If it’s possible please take good quality photos of:

  1. Position for 3d modeling and replica production: front, back, right and left side, view form above and/or below
  2. Standing pet: front, back, right and left side, view form above and/or below
  3. Your pet face on: front, right and left profile
  4. Rear regions of your pet: tail and lower back regions
  5. Other important features and/or positions of your pet, that may be important in modeling process

*when your beloved pet is already in better world send us his memorial photos


Questions and answers

How does the order process looks like?

  1. Please take pictures of your beloved pet, as it’s descirbed on our main site and attach them in the form or send by email:
  2. Our team of 3d graphic designers will check sent photos and start modeling. If we will have some doubts, we ask you to take more detailed photos.
  3. After creating a 3D model we will contact with you again and we will send you pictures – computer screenshots – of 3d modeled animal from different angles. In order to undertake further work we will ask you to approve the position and appearance of the model, or – if necessary, and your requests – execute additional modifications. Please note that unfortunately due to the time limits and number of coming orders, it is not possible to perform multiple modifications. Please be advised that each version of the 3D modeled pet – from the first design – will be executed with high accuracy.
  4. When you will finally approve the project, we will begin production of 3d pet figurines. In order to reduce the total cost of 3D figures production, please be advised that, they are not completely filled inside – they have structural filling (empty spaces). Then we start finishing process, after which it will be handed over to a group of our artists – painters, who will paint them by hand. After painting the model will be sent to the address you specified in our order form or you will be able to pick it up in our central company, which is located in Poland, at Rzeszow, street: Żółkiewskiego 7B/2

Delivery/shipping, payment, project realisation time:


Depending on your location we send 3d replicas of pets by courier and/or ships. You can also pick them up at our office located in Poland at Żółkiewskiego 7B / 2 street in Rzeszow (in our central company: )


Payments for the created replicas are made in advance, usually by bank transfer. When you will fill in the order form on our page:, we will send you an e-mail with more payment details. We consider payment methods such as electric bank transfer, directly on our bank account or if you wish – you will be able to pay in cash at our central office in Poland at Żółkiewskiego 7B / 2 street in Rzeszow,

Project relation time:

Realization of new project takes us 10-30 business days (usually 2 weeks)

Do you offer refounds and what is complaint policy?

In everytime we create invidual projects. During project realization process Clients accept final 3d computer model, (which is made by best 3d designers), before it’s production and finishing and painting process. In that case, please be advised that we do not offer refounds for started projects, as they are time consuming and invidual projects. Please check more details on refounds and complaint policy at regulations

How to use replicas?

Completed models are amazing, unique gifts and / or souvenirs for animal lovers. These 3d figurines are demonstration / collector items and it is not adviced to use them for any other purposes. Please be advised that replicas are made and may be covered with substances that can be harmful to health – especially if swallowed. Please be careful and make sure that your kids / animals does not have access to them.

Help! I've broken leg of my figurine! How to repair?

Our 3D figures are made of durable material, however if replica will breake as a result of improper use – we suggest using glue (the so-called. SUPER GLUE), which can be used for plastics. Please remember that you can always conntact us for help, repair or in order to redo your replica.

How to contact with you, guys?

The best way to contact with us is to send us an e-mail at:, call us +48 662-067-517 or visiting us in our central company located in Poland: Centre of Schooling and Technologies NewGen – CSTNG, Żółkiewskiego 7B/2 street, 35-203 Rzeszow


Select size or create your own model!


Cute, small replica
119 €

petreplika mini size pet figure

Maximum dimension: 8 cm
Copy (duplicate): 69 €


Great, impressive replica
229 €

petreplika lux size pet figure

Maximum dimension: 20 cm
Copy (duplicate): 119 €


Customized orders

petreplika special custom size pet figure

Any dimension
Custom model: eg. bust, relief, pedant, pet-ring
Model based on sketch or description

PROJECT REALIZATION TIME: 10-30 business days (if your project is urgent let us know at

DELIVERY COSTS: depends on country: 20 – 40 EURO

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PLEASE NOTE! Filling in and sending the form below is not any official agreement between our Office and the Client. The form is simple message, on the basis of which we can check the uploaded photographs and, if necessary – request new or additional images.

If you want us to additionaly model the pet owner with his pet or some complex elements (like balls, toys), we will contact you and tell you how to prepare the appropriate images for our professional 3d designers.

After filling in the form you will receive an e-mail with more details (please check you spam)